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Entry #16


2010-06-28 14:20:00 by NeuKatalYst

Alright, so now that i expect a little more people to be coming here (now that i'm gonna be a little more active than i have been - lol)...

HEY!! my artist name is Neu KatalYst, and i compose/produce what i can only describe as Liquid-IDM and/or Glitch music. some things to know about me (if you don't already): i love most forms of electronic music, particularly Glitch music; i like adorable things (for some reason); and i can be a bit of a hopeless romantic at times. ;D

anyway, i've actually been using the site for a while, but like i said, this is a "Re-introduction" of myself...with a traditional picture of something! and this time it will be a picture of a smoke cloud that looks like some kind of animal:



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