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New alias consideration

2010-06-13 17:42:13 by NeuKatalYst

so first things first (now that i'm "home" again, for now) - a new song, "Caste," is almost done, so you can expect that in the VERY near future, if not today (i'll let you know if it is, if you're reading this now).

and also, the ideas i've been getting lately have either been my usual flangy-drum, liquid-IDM style, OR anywhere in the minimal glitch/down-tempo, more electronic genre (if that makes sense), so since i can't decide between the two, i MIGHT make another alias after all.

more info as it comes!!

meanwhile, on a mostly unrelated note, i just beat final fantasy XIII!!!! the ending made me cry. SO, have a picture of my constant party leader, Vanille!!

New alias consideration


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