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New song + info on theme for next album!!

2010-05-05 19:03:15 by NeuKatalYst

hey, guess what? NEW SONG!! /330658

also, this song inspired what i decided to be the theme for whatever album i do next - Homunculi!! and from that, the "mascot" was born. in fact, it's actually a modified version of the creature-thing i have in my avatar/user-picture (see attached picture, which came from flipnote studio on the dsi -- don't worry, i'll make better versions in photoshop someday).

so, more info when it comes - "stay tuned!"

New song + info on theme for next album!!


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2010-05-29 17:40:31

Kinda reminds me of that thing Chii reads about in the book in Chobits