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HA! - "style change..." WHOOPS! my bad! lol

2010-02-24 02:13:25 by NeuKatalYst

ok, so i THOUGHT i would enjoy doing glitch and minimal music, but that came to a screeching halt once i realized that i was trying to NOT do what already came naturally. plus, you know - not doing what i'm used to is pretty hard as it is. :/

SO, while i do think it would be cool to do glitch music, i think i'll just slowly work into the change. SO, i'm back to my old style of slightly-wet-IDM/Trance/Breakbeat style (with some potential added glitch elements) for the time being. as a result, "Years' Past" is on a pause, or a potential restart if i feel like it.

anyway, NOW i'm working on a Nyan Nyan remix against a friend of mine on another forum, to help motivate me to change back into my normal style. while i don't know if it's ok to put his username here, i DO know it's ok to put his Artist name - "Galaxy Machine," and he does various kinds of experimental-electronic music. go check out his myspace!

the deadline for both of us is the 1st of march, so expect the remix to be posted then.

HA! - "style change..." WHOOPS! my bad! lol


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