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2010-02-01 01:30:39 by NeuKatalYst

a'ight, so remember the style change? i'm doing Glitch now!! but there are still traces of my old self, so it'll still be "Neu KatalYst," coincidentally enough. lol

and i'm working on a song called Years' Past, to commemorate the change from last year's genre into this year's. i'm working on a couple other songs, too - i plan on remixing Healing Vision and Fascination sometime in the future, as well.

and about this genre, it's both easier and harder at the same time - EASIER because i don't need to be as crazy with drums and melodic elements as i do with IDM, but HARDER because now i have to focus on my Effects as well; in other words, making it sound like it came from a computer (that may be broken. it IS glitch after all. lol). strangely enough, doing these effects makes up for the time i would otherwise be spending making up drum rushes or solos in my other style.

SO, there's meh update/blog. giggity giggity gig, gid, dee!! heh, heh, all-right...!


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2010-02-17 09:55:37