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AWWWW......!!!!!!! ;/

2009-12-27 03:05:09 by NeuKatalYst

[not that anyone READS this,]

so i decided to not do the alias thing, cuz i haven't exactly gotten any ideas for him to use (plus i keep using the words "him" and "he," etc. as if he were a different person (see? i did it again!)). so yeah.

HOWEVER, i have been thinking about interpreting minimal-style into my songs, which really wouldn't be that hard - pretty much just shorter drum samples and a little (or a lot) less reverb. ._.

in addition, i've been adding scratching, now that i know how. if you haven't already, check out Stewie's Prized Pig. that was the first song i decided to learn how to scratch in.

all of this new information is giving me even more writers' block, cuz i'm at the point again where i don't know what i "am" anymore style-wise, so i've just been throwing stuff out there (because the block is just out of style - the musical aspect i can do just fine. just the STYLE.....).

So until i find myself again, i'm just experimenting with the different MUSICAL ideas i get, until i finally find myself comfortable.

i'm'a gonna need tons of MONSTER (just to be random so that i can include a picture. lol). this is my favorite flavor if monster, btw. but yeah, don't worry too much about me.

AWWWW......!!!!!!! ;/


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