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2009-12-02 03:38:41 by NeuKatalYst

I just got done uploading Risk, so that you may enjoy it to whatever extent you want.

Also, to anyone who sees this (since noone ever looks at my blog cuz i'm not popular enough), i'm possible thinking of making another alias for myself! by the name of Robot Raccoon (or something else involving a raccoon, just cuz i feel like i could find a better name)! and he's gonna be like those cartoon bands that have stories for themselves.

basically, he's half raccoon, half robot (but THAT's not immediately noticeable, since his robot parts are on the inside). he is also a WHITE and black raccoon (as opposed to the normal gray/black). in the present time, he WASN'T half-robot, but he was still an outcast in a Rudolph-like story: he just wasn't like the others, in personality OR color. running away, he finds the road, and wouldn't you know it!-there's a couple of scientists driving by who are working on robotics, and sprinkles of other things. they notice him, and pick him up. the raccoon doesn't know what's going on, but he enjoys the time alone, and falls asleep, hugging his big bushy tail with a sense of belonging, since he can't find it anywhere else.

...and THEN, long story short, the scientist made him half robot (on the inside), with the ability to talk (sounding like a small child mixed with the metallic sound of machinery), among other super-raccoon abilities. however, he was dubbed a failure simply because the personality didn't match for him to be a hero, so they moved on to their next study of time travel, using him as a pet. during the time of research, the raccoon took an interest in music, by fusing the oscillated melodic sounds forming in his mind with the percussive sounds of the labs around him.

one day, while pacing around, a song in his mind, he stumbles into the completed time machine, and into a land similar to the forest he USED to call home, but different - the various trees were plated in metal where they were damaged during HIS time - and he ultimately determined himself to be FFFAAARRRRR in the future. he met animals, that if not for them also being half-robot, would appear to be completely dead, but MORE than that, he was actually able to talk to them, as if he finally felt home. a fox named -X- (i haven't thought of a name yet) helps the raccoon make a home in a tree, and (another long story short) turns it into a music studio to put his other-timely ideas into action.

like the fox's name, the story is still coming into place, but there's the gist of it. his GENRE...? well, i've been thinking about music similar to Stealing Vision, or KaW - basically, what i like to call wet, distant techno, if you get what i mean.

moar infoz later. also, don't think Neu KatalYst is dying! i just want to try experimenting in another genre as well.



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