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oh god...sigh...

2009-11-28 04:04:36 by NeuKatalYst

wow, i am REALLY terrible at updating these things...XD

anyway, new song almost complete. 's called Risk, and it is a song of two or three different personalities.'ll see when i upload it (the song ITSELF is DONE - i'm just fixing some things in the effect mixer).

anyway, since TONS has happened since i last posted, i'll just keep it short and simple this time:

--about a month ago, i quit band cuz i hated everyone because they hated me for being one of the only ones who actually practiced outside of rehearsal, resulting in me "moving down the director's s**t-list." through the degradation, i finally just said "f**k it."

--a little bit later, i got myself a keyboard, cuz i KNEW that composing would be easier with it. AND. IT. IS. in addition to using it to figure out my ideas, i'm also teaching myself piano using a couple books i also got (i ABSOLUTELY F**KING HATE IT WHEN IT TRIES TO TEACH ME THEORY THAT I ALREADY KNOW. ALL I NEED TO KNOW IS HOW TO PLAY WITH BOTH HANDS AT THE SAME TIME.).

--some songs (like Risk) are either being worked on or are nearly finished. i frickin love having extra time. ;)

--AND, loli's have been haunting my dreams. but just cuz they're loli's, i can't complain.

and, that's it. so, have a picture of some celery. HA-HAR!!!!! {pirate laugh}

oh god...sigh...


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