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2009-10-05 02:44:35 by NeuKatalYst

alright, so it's been literally MONTHS (or, like, two of them) since i was last here. after updating my profile info, i am making a new blog.

so, lately i've been feeling slightly depressed - pushed away from society, you might say. but what keeps me going is telling myself to remember that i put myself there, so i don't entirely mind. after all, i have (a few) friends who don't feel awkward around me. a gf would be nice, (i'm not desperate at all!)

anyway, SONG-wise, since the end of the ZXZ remix contest, i haven't really had time to work on songs, since i am not combining work and college. if only i had a car - then i wouldn't have to take the transits up to school and take up time. oh well - i HAVE been getting LOTS of ideas though, so it's not a TOTAL loss. after the semester ends, i'll have some time again.

OH YEAH, a picture...hmm... how about one of Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? yeah, i got 358/2 days, and it is great so far. you should go cut off you arm and sell it to buy this game. but keep the hand, cuz you need both of those to play.



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2009-11-08 07:53:36

ok then XD