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2009-10-05 02:44:35 by NeuKatalYst

alright, so it's been literally MONTHS (or, like, two of them) since i was last here. after updating my profile info, i am making a new blog.

so, lately i've been feeling slightly depressed - pushed away from society, you might say. but what keeps me going is telling myself to remember that i put myself there, so i don't entirely mind. after all, i have (a few) friends who don't feel awkward around me. a gf would be nice, (i'm not desperate at all!)

anyway, SONG-wise, since the end of the ZXZ remix contest, i haven't really had time to work on songs, since i am not combining work and college. if only i had a car - then i wouldn't have to take the transits up to school and take up time. oh well - i HAVE been getting LOTS of ideas though, so it's not a TOTAL loss. after the semester ends, i'll have some time again.

OH YEAH, a picture...hmm... how about one of Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? yeah, i got 358/2 days, and it is great so far. you should go cut off you arm and sell it to buy this game. but keep the hand, cuz you need both of those to play.


This message is for my coworker, Abdul, who i told about this website. Anybody else: the blog is under it, so disregard it. XD

ABDUL: Below this blog, you should see "Latest Audio Submissions." To the right of it, it should say "View All." Click this and it'll bring up ALL of my songs, instead of my latest 4. Click on the name of a song (anywhere on the website, actually), and it'll bring up a Player. To download a song for free, click on the Icon of what looks like a Floppy disk (it's a square button, too). Enjoy...! Thanks for being a fan.


THE ACTUAL BLOG - for everyone to read. ;)

Ok, so i just got a DSi. THESE THINGS ARE SO EFFING AWESOME YOU HAVE NO IDEA. i suppose the only drags so far are: you CAN'T play GBA games (which didn't matter, cuz i have none. it only affects my Pokemon Platinum, cuz you can't use Pal Park or use the GBA games as Dongles), and to use the audio, the songs HAVE to be in some kind of AAC format (.mp4, .m4v, .aac, etc.). once you overcome these slight drawbacks, these things are the perfect boredom machine.

At this point (when i'm writing this blog), i have 3 games for it, so i decided to say what i think.

Pokemon Platinum: DUDE THIS GAME IS DA SHIZNAKLE OF ALL POKEMON GAMES. The only other Pokemon game i've played before this one was Sapphire (i know, can you believe it?), so a big thing that i noticed was the fact that there isn't NEARLY as much water in this game. in fact, there isn't much land at all, so although the story was HUGE (seriously, you get kind of sucked in), you still know where to go and when. also, ALL pokemon exist in this version, with the help of your GBA games. sadly i have a DSi, so i might need to use the internet. OH YEAH, THE INTERNET...! you can totally trade and battle around da world, or with someone specific after trading friend codes (kinda sorta like .//hack, right?). enough said. lol

The Legendary Starfy: the only reason i got this game was because i REALLY enjoy adorable stuff (including some things that aren't even legal for me to like), and because when i played the demo at Walmart, it had good music. i LOVE the story, and i LOVE the music (especially this, just because i'm quite the musician, myself), and i LOVE how everybody looks like a stuffed animal. Gameplay-wise, though, it's relatively easy (only a few challenging areas, so far. everything else, you can just kind of breeze through. :/ )

Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time: This is actually my newest game, and i haven't even had it for a week! but i still can say what i know so far: it's a final fantasy game with awesome characters, music, and story. oh, and the battles are in real-time, kinda like in ffxii - with an AI system and everything! it's essentially everything you can expect from Square Enix, but put in a little pocket version for the DS.

to conclude, have a traditional picture. IT'S AZELF, my favorite of the three lake pokemon, and whom i recently caught with a Dusk ball. :)

ABDUL...! READ THIS...!   ////////   DSi

Writer's Block...!

2009-06-29 07:29:44 by NeuKatalYst

So here's how it went:

I start a new job for 30 hours/week, and college deadlines are coming up. These are both very stressing situations of stress, right? And WHAT happens to artists when they're under stress? Writer's Block.

My creative inspiration has almost completely gone away (which is BAD, cuz i don't want it to...!), and the little bit that's left only SOMETIMES filters through everything else (which is hopefully when i'm at the computer to act on it).

So, production is slow. I did, however, find a bunch of stuff helping to cure writer's block. And they all said the best way to make it go away is to DE-stress (NOO, REEAALLY...?!?! i feel pretty stupid). So that's what i've been doing, and it's all starting to come back...! But OCCASIONALLY the huge stress wall comes comes down on me again, so then i have to deal with it AGAIN.

Anyway, the Writer's block is slowly going away, and i'm working on, i think 4(...?) new songs. I haven't given up on you yet, guys...!

ON A COMPLETELY OTHER NOTE... i found THE COOLEST PICTURE OF BUBBLES EEEVVVVEEERRRR. credit goes to whoever made it, obviously. i didn't. i wish i did. lol

Writer's Block...!

so i don't feel terrible/depressed anymore! yay...! XD

but just to make this news post not seem so empty, i'm gonna post a pic of Kirby.


cuz i just beat the GBA ROM version of Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland...!!!! lol - it's making me want to do a... certain remix of Rainbow Resort lvl 1.....yep. it's actually the subject of that experimentation i was talking about, and it will probably have IDM drums, rather that the breakbeat drums that i usually do (same melodic tastes, though, so don't worry, i'm just playing with drums).

and WHILE i am working on THIS and another project, i am continuing to follow the whole 2-submits-per-day rule-thing by slowly uploading everything else of mine that isn't up yet. ugh...

[photo is from deviantART: Shadow and the SHADOW KIRBY? by ~ojamajodoremidokkan]

bleh. (couldn't think of anything else)

(sigh...) Everything i've been uploading so far have been getting less-than-stellar ratings. SO, i'm wondering whether or not to change my style just SLIGHTLY.

In the meantime, i'm just gonna let these sit and see if they get better (cuz i really do like my style as it is...)

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of the slightly sexy... JIRACHI!!! ZOMG.

[[p.s. - i'm still [very slowly, due to 2-submissions-per-day rule] uploading my already-done songs, so check back every now and then.]]

Depression --> Experimentation

Oh, well that sucks... X/

2009-06-07 19:03:36 by NeuKatalYst

I can only send in 2 songs per day...?! Aww......and i have a total of 15+ songs i still need to send in... oh well - just BEAR with me (lol), and enjoy the 2 songs i can upload per day...! (...jerk newgrounds... oh well, i like newgrounds.)

Oh, well that sucks... X/